EMMA Partners

EMMA works closely with the Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative (FEMC) and the National Phenology Network (NPN) for storage of our monitoring project data. They also are key resources that enable the public to access our data and learn about the work we do.

FEMC: The Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Cooperative

FEMC logo

An organization dedicated to understanding long-term trends in forest health data. This is made possible by FEMC’s web-library and large data storage capacity, making information easily accessible for researchers throughout the region. Many organizations partner with FEMC for help with services such as data retrieval, management, or analysis. EMMA depends on FEMC as a source for storing and sharing datasets with other researchers to help communicate our collaborative conservation efforts.

NPN: National Phenology Network

National Phenology Network logo

An organization that collects, stores and shares data on phenology from around the United States. Data contributions help produce long term data sets that are very important to understanding trends related to our changing environment. EMMA uses the NPN as a resource for methods and data storage.

Centered in the Hudson Valley, EMMA brings together organizations and individuals to develop a regionally-coordinated ecological monitoring network that informs sustainable management practices and natural resource conservation through scientific research while engaging the public in environmental protection.

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