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The Environmental Monitoring and Management Alliance is an organization of scientists, land managers and conservationists dedicated to the development of a regionally-coordinated ecological monitoring network. The mission of the network is to inform sustainable management practices and natural resource conservation through scientific research while also engaging the public in environmental protection through participation and education. EMMA members benefit from collaboration, exchange of expertise, and shareable resources available from the network.

Founded in 2013, EMMA has significantly grown through organizational development and successful project implementation. We are currently in the process of reviewing and accepting applications for additional “Core” and “Affiliate” class memberships. To assist in the decision making process, it will be helpful to learn more about your organization. Please fill out the survey below.

The results of this survey will not be shared outside of the EMMA organization. The purpose of the survey is to collect introductory information about an organization in application for EMMA core or affiliate membership. Survey results will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. 

To learn more about the requirements for EMMA Core and Affiliate Membership, click here.