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Regional Priorities

The Hudson Valley is a unique bioregion that is faced with pressing environmental issues such as climate change, habitat loss and fragmentation, invasive species, and deer overabundance. These issues are often interconnected such that one may occur or worsen because of the presence of another.

By working collaboratively through EMMA, we hope to amplify our individual efforts to improve conservation in the Hudson Valley and beyond.

Climate Change

Warmer winters, earlier springs, decreased snow cover can threaten biodiversity, crops, and other industries.

Deer Overabundance

Overabundant deer populations are known to degrade forest ecosystems, inflict economic hardships, and pose hazards to human health and safety.

Habitat Loss and Fragmentation

Humans impact habitats directly by clearing land for road-building, agriculture, and residential or commercial development.

Invasive Species

Invasive species can spread unchecked, taking resources such as space, sunlight, nutrients, and water away from native species.

Centered in the Hudson Valley, EMMA brings together organizations and individuals to develop a regionally-coordinated ecological monitoring network that informs sustainable management practices and natural resource conservation through scientific research while engaging the public in environmental protection.

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