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EMMA Structure

Founded in 2013, EMMA has significantly grown through organizational development and successful project implementation. Organizations that join EMMA participate as either “Core” or “Affiliate” members.

The requirements for Core and Affiliate membership levels are as follows:

A Core Member Organization must be an organization with a mission of land preservation, natural resource conservation or environmental management. It must also share EMMA’s mission of coordinated scientific research. Generally a Core Member is located within the Greater Hudson Valley Region and has permanently protected land holdings. Core Members are required to fully participate in 50% or more of EMMA-approved cooperative projects. Participating in a project requires following the project-specific methods as defined by EMMA and providing the data to the network for public distribution.

An Affiliate Member Organization meets all requirements of a Core Member Organization, except that it participates in at least one, but less than 50% of EMMA-approved projects.

EMMA also invites individuals to work with us as “contributors” and “guests” at our meetings.

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Centered in the Hudson Valley, EMMA brings together organizations and individuals to develop a regionally-coordinated ecological monitoring network that informs sustainable management practices and natural resource conservation through scientific research while engaging the public in environmental protection.

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