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Jul 17- Huyck: Tuesday Morning Family Wildlife Hour

Jul 15- Mianus: Volunteer Work Day

Jul 14- Cary IES: Forest Invaders: Learn about the tiny invaders killing our trees in a guided walk by Gary Lovett. 

Jul 14- Mianus: Invasives ID Walk

Jul 12- Huyck: Thursday Night Lecture Series: Remote Sensing of White Spruce Phenology

Jul 10- Huyck: Tuesday Morning Family Wildlife Hour

Jul 7- Mohonk: Early Morning Bird Walk

Jul 7- Teatown: Butterfly Count

Jul 7- Teatown: Summer Saturday Adventures: Life in Teatown Lake

Jul 5- Huyck: Thursday Night Lecture Series: Prioritising Invasive Specie Management in the Region

Jun 30- Huyck: Birding Hike

Jun 29- Vassar: Tree Identification Walk

Jun 29- Cary IES: The Virtuous Cycle of Water and Prosperity 

Jun 25- Vassar: iMap Invasives Training

Jun 16- Mianus: Trail Crew

Jun 14- Cary IES: Ticked Off: Panel discussion on Lyme & other tick-borne diseases

Jun 10- Cary IES: Birding at Cary

Jun 9- Teatown: Family Nature Adventures: Creepy Crawly Hunt

Jun 9- Teatown: Breeding Birds of Putnam

Jun 8- Teatown: A Little Moth Magic

Jun 3- Teatown: Beachcombing at the Riverwalk Center

Jun 2- Mianus: Bird Walk

Jun 2- Mohonk: Early Morning Bird Walk

May 27- Cary IES: Birding at Cary

May 26- Huyck: Spotlight on Science: Slave-making Ants 

May 22- Teatown: Flipping the Switch on Light Pollution 

May 20- Cary IES: Geology & Ecology of the Cary Institute

May- NYBG: Native Plant Garden Tours

Mar 29 – Teatown: Reuse and Redevelopment: The Ever Changing Landscape of Westchester

Feb 24 – Teatown: General Interest Meeting: Hudson River Eel Project

Feb 20 – Teatown: Climate Change and Our Food System

Feb 13 – Cary: Road Salt: Reducing Impacts to the Environment and Human Health

Feb 10 – Teatown: Eagle Fest (snow date Feb 11)



Oct 21 – Vassar: Assessing Deer Populations with Camera Traps


April 30 – Westchester County Center: Strategies for Deer Management in Westchester Suburban Communities: Understanding Opportunities and Challenges for your Municipality

April 18 – Teatown: Beaver in the Hudson Valley: Their Benefits and Challenges (Dr. Clive Jones & Mike Callahan)

April 1 – Vassar: Journalist/author Jim Sterba to discuss his book “Wildlife in a Changing Environment”